Creek Flooding

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      John OsbornJohn Osborn

        With all the recent rains the creek along the north side of the field has been in and  out of its banks. Sunday evening it had returned to its channel, however there is water under some trailers on the east end (only 1- 2 in Sunday evening). There is also a large pond at the east end of the trailer parking area. Since the rains are forecasted to continue, private ship owners with trailers toward the east end should check their ships. Please be aware that the roadway along the creek is very soft, especially  toward the east end, and likely will not support cars or trucks. There is a very good possibility of getting stuck. If it is determined that a trailer is to be moved, it should be towed with a golf cart using a long rope with the golf cart positioned to the south on drier land.

        As a note, the current flooding does not seem as bad as the spring flooding. Since most of the trailers sit over 12 in above the ground it is not likely that water will enter the trailers even with more rain. However, it is a good idea to check your trailer. The Board has agreed that trailers can be moved to the south side of the field (previous trailer parking  location) until the flooding subsides.

        John Osborn

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