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        <div>Sky Soaring Members,</div>
        <div dir=”ltr”>During this summer the Sky Soaring Board of Directors has been monitoring the recent reports of increases in Covid-19 cases here in Illinois and across the country.  As you probably know Chicago has recently mandated mask wearing at indoor locations.  This trend of increased restrictions was brought up at last Saturday’s Sky Soaring’s membership meeting (see the meeting notes at</div>
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        <div dir=”ltr”>More importantly for Sky Soaring is that Illinois governor Pritzker announced on Thursday that beginning on Monday, August 30th, that masks must again be worn while at indoor locations to help combat the spread of Covid-19.  This is irregardless of your vaccination status.  At this time there are no announcements of capacity restrictions such as at restaurants.</div>
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        <div dir=”ltr”>Therefore, beginning on Monday August 30th, masks must again be worn by everyone while INDOORS on Sky Soaring property.  None of us wants to return to the restrictions we have dealt with during the past year+, but the health of our members, our families, our friends, and our guests, is far too important to ignore.</div>
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        <div dir=”ltr”>Mask wearing is required in confined areas such as the hangar’s office, lobby area, radio room, not to mention during dual glider flights.  Social distancing must also be maintained everywhere on the Sky Soaring airport, in particular at the sign-in desks.  Signage will be posted around the hangar to this effect.</div>
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        <div dir=”ltr”>If you have not received your Covid-19 vaccinations, we suggest that you do so at your earliest convenience.</div>
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        <div dir=”ltr”>Thank you,</div>
        <div dir=”ltr”>The Sky Soaring Board of Directors</div>

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