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      Rich WalendaRich Walenda


        The Policies and Procedures Manual states the following:

        Accident/Incident Response Plan
        ● Sky Soaring is proud of its safety record. However, members must be prepared to
        respond efficiently in the event of an accident. In the event of an incident involving
        ● IMMEDIATELY: Notify rescue – fire – police – call 911
        ● Give the 911 operator the address as: Sky Soaring Airport, Illinois, 12020 Route 20
        Hampshire, Illinois, 60140, in McHenry County
        ● Cease all operations.
        ● Set up command post in the front office or other location with a telephone
        ● Gather all people at the command post for assignments
        ● Assign the following tasks
        1. One person to be at the driveway entrance to direct emergency services.
        2. Two people to be the SSI contact with the family at the scene, hospital or home
        3. Two people to handle the aircraft
        4. One person to be the emergency services contact
        5. Spokesperson and at least five others, in at least two cars, go to the scene
        ● Notify:
        1. SSI Flight Committee Chairman
        2. SSI President

        The Sky Soaring Remote Site Accident (or Incident) Response Plan states:

        B.  NEXT:

        (1) Notify:

        a. SSI President

        b. SSI Vice-President

        C. SSI Chief Flight Instructor

        Why is who is notified different?  It would appear that the notification should be consistent.

        Also, in such as situation it would be helpful to have a card with the appropriate names and phone numbers printed on it.




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        Karl LandlKarl Landl

          WOW! With all these regulations I’m afraid to show up! Am I allowed to use my favorite hand mower to cut the grass around the trailers which I had done for many, many years about 3x a season? I miss the days like when I made a flight in a 1-26 in Colorado with nobody even asking for my pilot’s license. (true story, 1972)

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            <span lang="en">FAA rules state clear what to do in case of accident 
            cutting grass?
            Karl you must wear a green vest and pass drug test and have from a ground officer
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