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      Larry KaseLarry Kase

        The majority of the club flight instructors and towpilots have expressed disagreement with the change to the flight credit system.  We feel that the board of directors does not value our time, experience and dedication.
        Without any input, they are effectively increasing the dues on our most active towpilots and flight instructors by almost $400.
        We honor and appreciate the dedication of past and present professional pilots that are the backbone of the club.
        Therefore we feel compelled to withhold our services for instruction and towing until the status quo is returned.
        We apologize for the inconvenience that this action will cause our fellow club members.

        Larry Kase

        Mark Mallamo

        Tim Ponsot

        John Scott

        John Baker

        Gary Palumbo

        Aaron Scicluna

        Mike Vaughn

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        Larry KaseLarry Kase

          The instructors have received a report from the BOD that the dues increase for them will remain. They have said that the CFIGs receiving any of the instruction fee in dues credits is “inherently unfair”.
          Apparently, dues credits for A&P mechanics would also be unfair.
          I discussed the issue with Gary Palumbo.
          We have decided to stand by our fellow instructors and towpilots by withdrawing our services as Certified Mechanics.
          Unfortunately this is the first time in club history that instructors have refused to fly and A&Ps have refused to work.

          Larry Kase

          Gary Palumbo


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          Tim PonsotTim Ponsot

            A man answered a “Help Wanted” ad that read “Hiring Welders $18-24 per Hour” When he arrived he was told he’d have to take a welding test. He turned in 2 sets of welds. One was a great weld, the other was a mess. When the boss asked him why he did this he replied “One is $18/hr, the other is $24/hr”.


            Point is, it’s a free market, and every member’s time is valuable. Some people make a free choice to pitch in, others do not. However, those choices generally depend on the incentives being offered to do so.


            Helping out with mowing and field maintenance generally yields the adulation and social acceptance of our fellow group members.


            Leading a retrieve crew for a land out generally involves a steak dinner.


            Those who are capable of performing aircraft maintenance tend to command a unique level of respect in every aviation circle, and their requests for modest financial compensation rarely, if ever, go unanswered. Except for here.


            We as instructors and tow pilots feel that our incentive is to have a financial burden lifted. Deny us our incentive with no attempt to compromise, we deny you our services. It’s that simple.


            I find it interesting that the board has fielded the idea of “UPGRADING SKY SOARING“. An UPGRADE in what? Equipment? The board is still asking about selling the winch. I think the hope is that if we say no 999 times and yes 1 time their confirmation bias will take care of the rest.


            We’ll have fancy UPGRADED club equipment we can’t tow, train in or maintain because we’ve DOWNGRADED all the people who previously chose to take on those responsibilities.

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            Geoff WeckGeoff Weck


              Hi Fellow SSIer’s
              For those who don’t know me I have been a member off and on since 1974.  I have held Board positions as Flt Chair, VP and President as well as a couple of years as Safety Comm Chair.  I am also currently the Region 7 SSA Director.  Enough about me.
              Each of our Board members are dedicated, engaged members who volunteer countless hours to ensure that the club survives, grows, and succeeds.  They deserve your gratitude and support.
              We are a small group whose reason for existence is to fly and enjoy soaring in a cost effective way.  This requires that each member contributes something to the cause both financially and in the form of volunteer labor.
              Sometimes, individual members disagree with a specific Board decision or direction and that is okay.  What’s not okay is forming sides, being decisive, and threatening to “withhold services”.  There really is no place for that in an organization of this size.

              If you disagree with the Board on an issue take your concerns directly to them, state your case, and respect their decisions.
              If you have gotten this far , thanks for reading this.


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              John PhelanJohn Phelan

                Well said, Geoff.  Thanks.

                John F. Phelan
                (S20 Mobile)

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