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      John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

        During the recent attic cleaning we decided to try to identify the paper wrapped canopy “blank” (unused, no frame) that has been up in the rafters for years.  Doug Tarmichael, and others, have commented that this is for an RV airplane.  It may be the rear section of a two piece canopy system.  The thoughts are that “somebody dropped it off and another was supposed to pick it up”.  Obviously, this didn’t happen.  Anyone have any ideas or names before we try to sell it?  Thanks, John DeRosa

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        John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

          Pictures of the canopy are available at .

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          Larry KaseLarry Kase

            I believe Charlie Kalvoda is building one now. 


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              He is but it’s an -8

              Kind Regards,Joseph F. Nemec50% of everything is being there!
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                That canopy is probably for a -3 or 4

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                John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

                  I took more pictures of this canopy.


                  Some additional clues;


                  – The window does have additional holes for a sliding Mecaplex-type window.

                  – The bottom of the canopy is not flat.  Towards the “aft” (I think) end of the canopy the bottom edge tilts upward.  But the bottom edge of this portion is flat and does not have the curve of a leading edge.


                  Any more ideas?  Hate to throw this nice canopy out.


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                  John PhelanJohn Phelan

                    Is the leading or trailing edge drilled for any hinges or latching mechanism?  Might narrow the search down if we know which end is the attachment edge.


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                    John F. Phelan


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                    John DeRosaJohn DeRosa
                      There are no holes other than for the window.
                      John H DeRosa

                      On Monday, December 7, 2020, 9:13:23 AM CST, Sky Soaring <> wrote:

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                        L-13 maybe

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                        Mark MallamoMark Mallamo

                          If this is the canopy that was wrapped in paper in the loft, the paper said “RV-4” on it.


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                          John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

                            Well, we did have an L-13 on the field once.  But based on the pictures I see on the web this seems unlikely to be the case.

                            John H DeRosa(OHM Ω)
                            West Dundee, Illinois, USA
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                            On Monday, December 7, 2020, 9:48:24 AM CST, Sky Soaring <> wrote:

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                              Ok, it is kind off hard to tell from the pictures.

                              And the value of canopies is high so if we could identify it and maybe sell it would be nice.

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                              ANDRZEJ CHICEWICZANDRZEJ CHICEWICZ
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                                John DeRosaJohn DeRosa
                                  Thanks for the ideas.  I have heard about this being an RV-4 (single place) rear canopy several times. 

                                  However, there are a few things that just don’t match up.

                                  – The front edge of the RV-4 canopy appears to be perpendicular to the bottom rail. 
                                  – The top front edge of the RV-4 canopy slopes downward from a bubble area above the pilot’s head.
                                  – The RV-4 canopy does not appear to have a window opening.
                                  The “attic” canopy does not mirror these items.
                                  John H DeRosa

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