C-182 Throttle position for take-off power

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      Don GrilloDon Grillo

        Hello Tow Pilots;  When applying take-off power, push the throttle to 27″ inches of manifold pressure (MP) and stop. Then pull the throttle back about 1/8 inch (still 27″).  This will prevent the throttle from sticking. Keep the throttle there until about 200 feet from glider release then pull the throttle back to about 24″ inches of manifold pressure. (Note that as you climb, the MP will start to come back on its own). This will give you a head start on the cylinder head temperature cooling. On hot days, cyl head temp will read about 400-420.

        At glider release, raise the flaps and bring the throttle to 20″ MP.  Your speed will increase to about 125-130. Fly level for about 1-2 minutes and note the cyl head temp slowly coming down.  Once the temp is down to about 380, bring the MP to 17″ and fly there for another minute or two. You will have to push the nose down to start your decent. Airspeed will be about 130.

        Then bring the MP to 15″ (bottom of the green arc) and leave it there for another minute. Cyl head temp will be slowing coming down to about 320-340 by the time you reach pattern altitude.

        At pattern altitude use throttle as needed. You may have to raise the nose to slow the aircraft to get into the white arc flap speed indicator.  As long as you are comfortable, use flaps 30 for landing. Use 40 if conditions require it.

        Also note; Try not to use the trim.  This will prevent you from putting your hand next to the tow rope release and accidentally releasing the tow rope in flight. (We’ve lost two already).

        The trim is set a few degrees nose up so you have to push the nose down on decent. It just takes a bit of forward pressure on the yoke to descend.


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