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      Larry KaseLarry Kase

        Today’s flying was fantastic. 9 flights.
        6 over 2 hrs.
        Top of the lift was over 9,000 ft. Msl.
        Grillo and DeRosa went to Beloit & back.
        Erik was the sniffer. He took off around noon and landed 4+18 later in the 1-26.
        I did the annual on the 1-34, then flew it for over 2 hrs. That is more than half of last year’s totals.
        Chicago approach even got excited about our success. They reported several glider sightings by airlines during approach. All gliders were legal in their airspace.
        I told my wife that we only get 1 day this good per year. She said “ I Guess you don’t have to fly then for the rest of the year.” Nope

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