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      John LincolnJohn Lincoln

        Saturday had a great turnout and a lot was done. I want to thank all of you who were out working on our ships and grounds

        Pretty much everyone was working on Pumpkin getting the paint stripped off her wings so we can get them repainted. The effort was lead by Don Grillo who was helped by Kees Van De Klippe, Petr Folwarczny, Geoff Weck, Art Silverman, John Phelan, Joe Ricciardi, John Belue, Greg Palmer, Greg Tomczyk, Gary Palumbo, Steve Snyder, Jim Hopkins and of course our leader John DeRosa. Truely an all hands on deck job. Greg Palmer also sumped our fuel tank, While Gary Palumbo worked on the annual for the Krosno, There were two runs for kerosene, one by Greg Palmer and another by John DeRosa. Other items that this huge crew worked on were attic cleanup, office camera, router, WiFi wiring, canopy and wing tip wheel work, and light house keeping that was done by Jim Hopkins. Oh yes I also heard that there were TWO lunch runs, one by Greg Palmer and the other by John (Curly Fries) DeRosa! I’m sure there was other work that was done and if you performed it and I missed you I sincerely apologize.

        It’s the efforts from you, the members that make this club what it is. Successful and and fun. THANK YOU for all that you do.

        John Lincoln, Maintenance

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