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      Don GrilloDon Grillo

        Below are some quotes that an old
        and wise flight instructor (Tom Pasquale) gave me. I thought
        you might enjoy these.

        1.    Let the problem be THE problem, when there is a problem!

        2.    Indecision is a virus that destroys the body from within.

        3.    When you land in quicksand do less, not more!

        4.    Haste makes waste, waste makes paste, then you loose face.

        5.    When in danger stick with the original plan.

        6.    The Pasquale theory of thermo dynamics: “when the heat is on you, place it somewhere else.”

        7.    When in deep  KIM-CHEE  (Korean term) keep your mouth shut!

        8.    When nailed by the FAA always pray and don’t have too much to say!

        9.    THE TRUTH will make you free but may not make you happy.

        10.  Confer with Pasquale today, which will keep the FAA away.

        11.  Keeping your nose to the grindstone always results in a bloody nose

        12.  When you can keep your cool in the cockpit while the rest are losing theirs, you are not aware of the situation.

        13.  Do not deal with indecision with a question unresolved.

        14    Hope for the best, deal with the worst.

        15  Answer what you must answer, admit to loss of memory concerning the rest.

        16  Time is your friend and time is your enemy.

        17  Save surprises for your birthday.

        I8.    It is import~ to know “what is” but it is more import~ to know where what is..

        19.  It is lonely at the top and lonelier at YOUR inquest.

        20.  Horses asses don’t all belong to horses.

        21.  A horse’s ass is still a horse’s ass, even when he is riding a horse.

        22.  An ounce of prevention will save you many pounds ($) sterling ($) at your hearing.

        23.  When the FAA invites you to a BBQ, make sure your not the pig.

        24.  Careful pilots pay attention, careless pilots pay a price.

        25.  There are good habits and bad habits, and both will show up at your hearing.

        26.  Nine tenths of wisdom is being wise in time.

        26.  Your hearing will improve at your hearing.

        28.  A Dip Shit on your flight deck is a pain in the neck.

        29.  Close enough is SHORT of the target.

        30.  You can delegate authority, but you cannot delegate common sense.

        31.  It is easier to walk a tightrope, than to hang from one.

        32.  A wise step is always followed by another.

        33.  Flying by the book does not mean rewriting it.

        34.  It is better to demonstrate your superior knowledge, than to demonstrate your superior skill.

        35.  Each situation, like the rattlesnake, has two ends: rattles to get your attention, and the other end has the fangs that will kill you ==NOTE: NOBODY EVER DIED FROM A RATTLE BITE YET .

            36.  If Columbus had listened to his navigator’s advice, he surely would have found India..

        37.  Never kick a wet cow turd !!!!!!!!!

        38    WHEN SEEKING ANSWERS !!!!!!  If you search long and hard enough you will find a priest that will give you the absolution you wish TO HEAR  !!!!!!!

        Be careful whose toes you step on today, for they might be connected to the ass you must kiss

        If you’re not taxiing on the yellow line and you hit something, your ass is grass. If you are taxiing on the yellow
        line and you hit something, your ass is still grass

        Just remember, you’ll be the first one to arrive at the scene of your accident.

        When in doubt my son, always start at the hearing and work your way back

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        John PhelanJohn Phelan

          Here’s my favorite: Panic never saved anyone.

          And I love Kimchi.  When you’re in deep Kimchi, you should open your mouth and eat up!  Especially if there is Korean BBQ to be had along with it.

          Best Regards,

          John F. Phelan

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          Rich WalendaRich Walenda

            It is weird being the same age as old people.

            That should be our quote of the year.

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