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      John LincolnJohn Lincoln

        Again our members have stepped up.

        Yesterday, Don Gillo, Steve Snyder, Jim Hopkins, Greg Tomczyk, John Belue, Andy Chicewicz, and Eric Schnauble all worked on stripping Pumpkin’s wings.

        Steve Snyder sanded the 1-26’s control structure.

        Greg Tomczyk, John Belue and Andy Chicewicz changed the oil and oil filter on the Ford tractor, changed the oil, oil filter and fuel filter on the new Hustler mower and just the fuel filter on the old Hustler. The oil and air filter looked fine.

        Five old batteries were recycled to NAPA.  All the used oil was combined into the 55 gallon drum.  As a comment we need to recycle that oil drum’s contents or perhaps get rid of the drum altogether and just recycle as we go forward.

        Our fuel tank was filled with around 700 gallons.

        So Thank You to our members who are so supportive. This is what makes this club as good as it is.

        BTW the Wing work will continue tomorrow….

        Sincerely, John Lincoln, Maintenance

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