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      Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

        All, if any members are renewing their 3rd Class or 1st Class Med Cert using the “MedXpress” website for the 8500-8 FAA form, be aware that this electronic entry method will DUMP your application form data you enter, after 30 days initial login & start of the application. This just haopened to me, and my hand-entered data has been removed, no possibility of recovery by MedXpress Web admin, nor CAMI in Oklahoma city.

        There is no warning on the website, that the clock is running….and no warning when “times up”. This failure Situation is NOT in the v3.3.0 Users Guide for medXpress. I have contacted AOPA, and they can do nothing about Website data control for this electronic entry of 8500-8 info.

        Please note: this hasite no bearing on “Basic Medical” topic, and does nothe affect it.

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