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        Airbrakes KROSNO glider

        Observation from field: lately i notes hard landings by a few pilots,from students

        to Pro,and one by CFIG.

        Is there anything wrong with airbraks,or are we using something wrong?

        My internet reserarch on this topic.(For myself not to instruct others).

        At higher speed they may suck out once unlocked ,and on some gliders they

        can then deploy fully and violently..The airbrakes my also be much harder to close at higher speeds. However the brakes will move to fully open if you take the hand off the lever.

        Trainees converting from gliders with spring loaded spoilers to one with airbrakes must be reminded not to let go of the airbrake lever unless it is locked closed

        From POH (Krosno)

        For the glider without a spring in airbrake control system,forces in excess of 45 lbs may

        arise when retracting airbrakes.

        Any comment will be appreciated






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