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      John LincolnJohn Lincoln

        I want to thank John Scott for towing. He did a very nice job for me. The day turned out better than forecast. Although the lift was what was forecast Cloud base was at 9200 MSL. And I was able to get there a couple times. There was a cloud street all the way to Elk Horn Wisconsin which I rode. There were a few larger breaks but I went north to 6 or 7 miles west of Oconomowoc, then southwest to Fort Atkinson, down to Poplar Grove and then south to just north of DeKalb. The OLC distance was 140 nm. My averager showed thermals at 3.3 knots. And I was up for 3:16. Thank you to John Scott, Greg Tomczyk and Mark Mallamo for hanging around to make sure that my landing was ok. Mark gave some friends rides today too and Greg took a flight and got fairly high as well. John rode in the back seat with Andy for what I heard was a short flight. John Lincoln

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        Steven SnyderSteven Snyder

          John, I happened to look at Glide and Seek at 5pm and you were just returning to SSI.


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          John ScottJohn Scott

            Hello Steve,

            I’ve been remiss in not communicating more often. Hope all’s going well. If you need help down south, let me know. Also, in my junk email are two from you with a link to photos. Unopened, unless you really sent them?

            John M. Scott

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