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      John LincolnJohn Lincoln

        There was a good gathering at the field today. Jimbob was out as were John Osborn and Jim Hopkins. It was good to see them. John O was the GSO after John D started things off. Don Grillo towed and Larry instructed, Thank You fellas! My main focus was getting my spring check flights which I did, thanks to Don and Larry.¬† There were others getting instruction too but the names escape me. Kees flew his Ventus B for 2.25 hours, Petr flew the Krosno. And there was other flying but I was busy with my ship and didn’t catch all the action going on. Ron Ridenour¬† was out to observe and finish the SSF Site Survey. It will be good to get that finished. Ron has had a rough few weeks with the passing of his father and brother-in-law. Our thoughts go out to him and his family.

        The winds were very light and the thermals when I took off at 3:11 pm were good. I had 5.7 knots on my averager once. I was able to get up to 6300 msl a couple times. Thank You to all who came out and worked or flew or both. John Lincoln

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