A fine day of friendship and work for SSI

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      John LincolnJohn Lincoln

        As Maintenance Chair I would like to thank the following for their work for the club. If I missed you I apologize. The fault is entirely my own. Our newest members Joe and Vincent Ricciardi were out working with the others helping where asked to. Another newer member is John Belue who worked on the Hustlers with Greg Palmer. They also bolted Pumpkin’s Rudder back on and attached the rudder cables. Gary Palumbo worked on the Annual for the Krosno. Gary Tomczyk polished the Stars and Stripes canopy among other things. The Legenza’s Pete and Nick took the 1-26 canopy home and polished it doing a great job. Denny Burke and Jim Hopkins were there helping all who needed a hand. Steve Snyder worked on canopy frame seals and Don Grillo worked on and painted the canopy locking mechanism for Stars and Stripes as well as helping elsewhere where help was needed. John DeRosa worked on the 1-34R gear repair using the new turnbuckles we have purchased. He also reworked the flight board for us with a new clock/chronometer in one device. Nice indeed!!! A BIG THANK YOU to all our members who came out to help. More kerosene will be bought as we finished all that we had. Oh BTW the new water heater is working and at the end of the session a few cold beers and stories were shared. Again THANK YOU!!  John Lincoln, Maintenance



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