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      Don GrilloDon Grillo

        Hello Sky Soaring Instructors,

        I hope you have been enjoying the winter. We are approaching
        spring along with our Spring Safety Meeting. We are considering on
        holding it at the hangar once again either on Saturday March 19th
        or the follow week March 26 (TBD). (The location may change).

        I was hoping that you would be willing to present a topic to
        discuss like we did last year. Something on the order of a 15-20
        minute presentation. 

        I have listed below the topics that you chose last year.

        These are just suggestions however, if you have something else in
        mind, let me know.

        1. Accident Statistics in Soaring – Presented By: Don
          Grillo, CFI-G
        2. Ground Maneuvering and Glider Handling – Presented
          By: Gary Palumbo, CFI-G
        3. Preflight Takeoff and Tow – Presented By: Tim Ponsot,
        4. Traffic Pattern and Landing/Rollout – Presented By:
          Larry Kase, CFI-G
        5. Personal Minimums – Presented By: Mark Dunning, CFI-G
          – Remotely via zoom
        6. Risk Management – Presented By: Austen Mersereau
        7. Emergency! Fly the aircraft first, Aviate-Navigate-Communicate
          Presented By: Steve Snyder, CFIG
        8. Taking the next step in my flying career. Presented
          By: John Baker CFIG – Remotely via zoom.
        9. The FAA Safety Team  FAASTeam WINGS Program – Presented
          By: Mark Mallamo – CFI-G
        10. Aeronautical Decision Making ADM
        11. Airspace
        12. Collision Avoidance
        13. Flight Reviews and Preparation
        14. FAA Regs related to glider ops
        Don Grillo
        Flight Chairman
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        John BakerJohn Baker

          Don,I should be able to do a slot for the Spring Safety meeting.Please let me know if you would like me to get Wings credit for the club.I was just able to just get approved John DeRosa’s upcoming CLGC meeting for Wings Credit:


           – Thanks, John

          John Baker
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          Steven SnyderSteven Snyder

            Well last year didn’t turn out so well. But I could expand on Emergencies. If Mark is not available to do WINGS I can do that with FAA Flight Review.


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            Gary PalumboGary Palumbo

              I will do wings and flight reviews unless someone else wants to or I can do ground operations again

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              Don GrilloDon Grillo

                Steve, since you replied first how about you do wings and flight reviews. GARY if you don’t mind doing ground operations and ground safety.John Baker, yes, please try and get WING’s credit for attendees.

                — Don
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                Gary PalumboGary Palumbo


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                  Don GrilloDon Grillo

                    Hello Sky Soaring Instructors,

                    For our Spring Safety Meeting, so far, Steve Snyder will do a presentation on WINGS and Flight Reviews, Gary Palumbo will do Ground Safety and Operations. John Baker is available for a subject. I will do a review of our Policy and Procedures Manual and emphasize important safety items in the manual.
                    Do we have any other instructors not mentioned above that would like to make a presentation?


                    Don Grillo

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                    Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

                      It would be great if the GS and Operations section,  re-reviewed the topics brought up in last yr’s March 9, 2021 Safety Mtg posting!

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