1-way Radio interference, Found!

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      Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

        The source of Comm radio interference (squelch open) has been traced to the Office fluorescent light, and the new LED replacement strips. This RFI can be heard on all handhelds, Orange base radio, and hanger south wall base radio., when each radio’s squelch is opened. The buzzing opens the squelch and is pretty annoying. I’d suggest leaving as much lighting off during Ops.

        Confirmed by Andy & Gary

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        Gary PalumboGary Palumbo

          During oil change found strut flat Will need full service with 5606 and air 4-5 people to help Aircraft down as of now My next available will be Saturday GP

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          John PhelanJohn Phelan

            Interesting. DeRosa & I will have to check it out.

            John F. Phelan
            (HTC Mobile)

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            Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

              John and John, the RFI is known to be a problem with the tyoe of power supply current source method ( switcher?) for LEDs…..its prob not the LEDs, as they run on DC.

              As Petr briefed some of us, the LED strips he got do not need any legacy “ballast”, & I’m not sure if the old ballasts were removed. The web forums out there discuss RFI for the scenario in detail. AM systems (AV radios) more affected than legacy FM systems ( police/fire/EMT).

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                Petr FolwarcznyPetr Folwarczny

                  Hello Dennis. Well first – you’ve mentioned if old ballast were removed. So my question is before I replace the lights and you used old tubes with old magnetic ballasts did we have RFI problem? If not then probably new lights cause the problem. When I install new LED strips I cut off old magnetic ballasts inside fixtures and connect LED strips directly from power wires inside the fixtures to LED strip using power cord included as accessories with LED strips. Each LED strip has a small ballast (called “driver”) inside each strip. I just finished chatting with a technical support and already purchased a “RFI EMI noise cable clips”. I’m going to install them this Saturday and will see if the RFI problem stop. Petr

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                    Don GrilloDon Grillo

                      Why not just turn off the lights or take the radio outside when you need to use the radio?   Or am I not understanding what the problem is?  😉

                      — Don 

                      On Jun 9, 2019, at 20:02, Sky Soaring <webmaster@skysoaring.com> wrote:

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                  Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

                    Thanks Petr, for update & explanation of legacy ballast ( older mag type) removal, during the LED upgrade……so definitely don’t have that condition.

                    The ferrite sleeve chokes you ordered should do the job of suppression of unwanted RF junk radiated.

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