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Hi Don!
Thanks for the historic youtube link! That era of history never ceases to intrigue me since childhood over 40 years ago.
I’ve procured amass of technical datum to update me on current CFRs since my professional years some time ago.
Stick and rudder skills remain present, albeit a little rusty. Wouldn’t you agree? 🙂
However; The technology tools and CFR changes over the past 10 years are very noteworthy in a healthy fashion towards re-currency.
That’s no problem, just diligent dedication employed on my part for proficient currency which is sorely lacking at present.
I sincerely appreciate the tireless time and dedication you have sacrificed and demonstrated.
I look forward to helping club objectives via outlined member support participation.
I hope to be more prepared with more critical knowledge skills when returning on the next available flying day.
I’ve procured the suggested reading materials in your club’s operations manual along with more up to date CFR’s and other FAA approved fundamental flight operation standards.
Have a great day!