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Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

I had hoped to help with the ADS-b install, but last Monday, could not. The
clubs new ADS-b “OUT” is very important. As mentioned, it’s a 2020 mandate
for powered ops in Controlled airspace. Even more important, it’s a Safety
The GA glass cockpit revolution has GA pilots not looking outside enough.
As such, the ADS-b alarm will now go off in the GA planes if they detect
SSI Pawnee, making them aware of SSI operations as they tear through 55LL
If Pawnee is configured for the 978 MHz mode, the ADS-b Groundstations will
retransmit the Pawnee’s location info to all GA within 15nm of the
Towplane, which is great. The secondary 1090 ES mode is good if we were
operating inside Class B….which we are not, …and wanted to also be
detected by the big guys. Both modes on, is probably best.

In a way, the 15nm hockey-puck coverage helps the Private gliders if they
also only have ADS-b “IN” reception capability, since the same
groundstations re-transmissions help the gliders know who in General
aviation is occupying similar airspace.

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