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Don GrilloDon Grillo

Hello CFI-G’s

Our Spring Safety Meeting will be held on Saturday morning March 20th, 2021, starting at 0900hrs.

At this time the meeting is planned for both in person at the hangar and online via Zoom. John Baker is working on getting WINGS credit for those attending both in person or online. More on that in the coming weeks.

Below are the topics that you have chosen to speak on. If you attend in person we will have a large screen TV that you can plug a laptop into via HDMI connection (please check your laptop for an HDMI connection.) If presenting via zoom, you will be able to share your screen.

Limit your presentation to 20 minutes maximum. We want to hold the meeting to around 3 hours.

  1. Accident Statistics in Soaring – Presented By: Don Grillo, CFI-G
  2. Ground Maneuvering and Glider Handling – Presented By: Gary Palumbo, CFI-G
  3. Preflight Takeoff and Tow – Presented By: Tim Ponsot, CFI-G
  4. Traffic Pattern and Landing/Rollout – Presented By: Larry Kase, CFI-G
  5. Personal Minimums – Presented By: Mark Dunning, CFI-G – Remotely via zoom
  6. Risk Management – Presented By: Austen Mersereau CFI-G
  7. Emergency! Fly the aircraft first, Aviate-Navigate-Communicate Presented By: Steve Snyder, CFIG
  8. Taking the next step in my flying career. Presented By: John Baker CFIG – Remotely via zoom.
  9. The FAA Safety Team  FAASTeam WINGS Program – Presented By: Mark Mallamo – CFI-G

COVID Precautions will be in effect at the hangar. Mask wearing and distancing will be in order.

Glider assembly may take place after the meeting, time and weather permitting.

All members including CFI’s are required to have the Wing Runner course completion certificate for 2021 placed in their folder in the office prior to the flying season.
Tow-Pilots are also required to have the completion certificate for the Tow Pilot course

Questions or comments, please contact me.

Stay Safe,

Don Grillo
Flight Committee Chairman