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Yes, I learned much from reading Jonathan Swift and watching Saturday Night Live – knowing where and when to use satire to ask questions and/or spark a thoughtful conversation.  (I do have a serious side at work on the street and while flying.) The Gov. has a plan to have restaurants and other things closed until June 28 and that amount of “closed” has many worried about a lot of things – about half our season will be gone.  As you wrote, things can change and most likely will.

I would like to fly but also want all of us to be safe.  Instructors can consider this sentence as an open ad for anyone who wants to fly with me.  I am willing to wear a face mask, gloves, use hand sanitizer and spray my clothes with Lysol.  I draw the line at drinking bleach (more satire).   I can be available to assist on the ground for flight support or even cutting grass.  Is everything aero tow now or is the winch going to be used?