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Rich WalendaRich Walenda

    I am confused.

    Did Skysoaring find a cure for COVID-19 and should we notify the Governor?

    It appears that a Private Pilot Glider certificate makes people immune to COVID-19. No other certificate offers that immunity.  Recently, reports have been published from Skysoaring  that dual checkout flights for private pilot glider have occurred.

    What happened to:

    For the first 2 weeks we are planning on only solo flights.  Social distancing, masks required- no Covid 19.  Bookyourplane required for all flights.

    <b>Student Pilots:</b> Student pilots will not be able to fly until we can safely meet CDC and IDPH guidelines for social distancing and offer you instructors willing to fly in close quarters. Post solo students will not be able to fly until a CFI-G can legally endorse you for solo.

    How is there a checkout that is solo only?  I am interested in seeing how that works.  Is the instructor on the ground and the checkout done via radio?   Or, is the instructor straddling the outside of the glider to maintain social distancing?  (That one would be even more interesting to watch.)

    There is a lot of conflicting information in the discussions.  How is 2 rated private pilots in a glider any different than an instructor and student or certificated pilot pursing an add on rating in a glider?

    So, are all operations this week solo only?



    *note – per the FAA one is only a student pilot until any certificate is earned.  For example, student pilot then private, recreational or sport pilot single engine land airplane pilot.  Any other rating is an add-on.