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Don GrilloDon Grillo

Hello Sky Soaring Members.
Thank You Dick Bell for the information on the Hustler.  A few of us went out to the club on Sunday and did a little work that needed to be done. We did have a look at the Hustler, tightened the valve covers and ran it. It still leaked so we will need a new gasket. We will go over to B&K and get one in the next week or so.

We mounted the remaining 3 webcams and they are now up and running. Read this post on how to access the webcams from home or your smart device. The new webcams are High Def and require you to have a fairly fast internet connection. You may experience some jumpiness otherwise.

The groundhogs did some damage to the runway during the winter however, the good news is that they did not setup a permanent home.  None of the holes that I filled in last week were dug out, indicating that they abandoned the burrows.

Of course those of us out at the field yesterday did our best with social distancing and one member (who shall remain nameless) even came prepared with his version of corona virus protection.

Thanks to the 3 Johns that helped out!!! 🙂