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Don GrilloDon Grillo

Tim,  I believe the truck battery is ok, it is the winch battery
that is dead. I left a battery charger on the winch battery
however, it is not plugged in so, it will need charging.  Any
jumping would be done at the battery not the alternator.

Here are some other things that would need to be done:  Remove
the battery charger from the C-182. 

The gas golf cart is sitting in front of the C-182 tail.  Caution
moving things as everything is packed in like a sardine can.

Check with Andy to see if he is finished working on the
installation of a new exhaust pipe on the mule. I think he is but
I’m not 100% sure.

I would request that the C-182 not be flown. Jim has spent a week
cleaning and polishing it and I would like to have it clean for
any prospective buyers.

Tim Wrote:

Don- To my knowledge the truck battery (more importantly the
terminals for its alternator) are within jumper cable distance. Is
that, along with trickle charging in the morning, a viable