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Rich WalendaRich Walenda


    I have used simulators at work for years and some are very realistic.  There are also on line decision making “simulators” that can also be educational.

    For example:

    I also use mannequins with feedback for CPR/AED training and simulated AEDs.  We have training tourniquets and the associated fake arms and legs for Stop the Bleed training.  I know the value of training items.  I also know about storage space, equipment maintenance, proper training facilities, etc.

    We just need to do things right.  It may be beneficial for safety but it should not be required for club members to use it to be eligible to fly for the season.  It should also not qualify as a spring checkout.  Simulators can not be used for WINGS flight training.  Some club members also may not fly a video game well but are excellent pilots so no one should be judged about how well they fly a simulator.  A thorough discussion needs to happen and then if we do get the simulator we need to properly support it.  I am willing to give it a try but since I have never “flown” the Condor simulator I do not know how good it would be for me.  I thank the board for allowing each member to be surveyed and for this open discussion.  I applaud Andy for making his unvarnished comment that it can become an unused toy if it is not properly deployed and supported and getting us to really think about how and where it will be ultilized.