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    You are correct. The Soaring Safety Foundation (SSF) keeps the details of their site surveys private.
    Following the Spring Safety Meeting in March the SSI Board sat down for several hours with the SSF (Burt Compton and Ron Ridenour) to get the details of their thoughts and findings. This happened again on April 14th when Ron Ridenour was on site as a member of the SSF. Ron held a great discussion with the instructors who were on site that day. And we will do more tomorrow with Ron as he watches our operation. These surveys are always very informative. Can you be there to hear what Ron might have to say afterwards?
    Note that Costello and AIG are aware that the SSF was planning a site survey as this came up during my face-to-face meeting with them. I feel that this knowledge is important for AIG to realize our sincerity.
    Finally, as part of Sky Soaring’s report to Costello/AIG we will talk about what our past, and ongoing, safety changes are – some of which are based on the SSF’s suggestions. Much of this has been talked about in emails, and at membership meetings (and meeting minutes).
    The board will definitely release this “AIG” report to the SSI membership so everyone is on the same page.
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