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Mark MallamoMark Mallamo

    John,Thanks for the update. In the previous site surveys we’ve had done by the SSF, I distinctly remember Burt Compton explaining to us that for liability reasons, he would not be recording anything in writing or issuing a report to the club but that we were welcome to jot down his suggestions and recommendations. The board could then decide to implement or not implement any or all of the specific recommendations.Is that the way this site survey is being conducted as well? In other words am I to assume that the site survey is “off the record” and that our report to AIG is being written by SSI outlining specific changes we’ve made on the recommendation of the SSF? I think there may be considerable confusion from our members regarding the purpose of the site survey with many thinking that the SSF will issue a formal report and endorsement (or non-endorsement) of our operation. Mark

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