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John DeRosaJohn DeRosa
    Denny – Thanks for the offer. As mentioned the equipment came to us from an SSA grant program. We hope that we can install another receiver in Beloit – and WCSA is thinking about another receiver in Rochelle – to provide more coverage for our cross country folks.
    Last Thursday Jan 9 there was a work party – Gary Palumbo, Don Grillo, Jim Hopkins, Geoff Weck, Kees vandeklippe (and others that escape me). The remaining horizontal stabilizer on the Pawnee was removed and then both “stabs” were stripped of fabric for a recovering. I worked with Hopkins and Kees to get the stall warning light rewired.
    There was a work party on Saturday Jan 11 but I don’t have details. Anyone?
    John H DeRosa(OHM Ω)

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