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John PhelanJohn Phelan

    Golf cart batteries can be had for under $200 each and a typical cart needs 6 of them.  Depending on the condition, the interconnect cables between the batteries may need to be changed out as well.

    Of more concern is the statement about disconnected wires under the seat.  That could mean anything from a couple of loose wires that need to be plugged back in to missing components that those wires ran to in a former life.  Another question is the type of charger necessary for this new cart.  If it is compatible with our current chargers, we can make it work.  If not, new ones cost $300+, depending on features.  The mechanicals will also need to be looked at so see how the transmission, bearings and tires are.  Brakes, too.  Keys are no big deal.  They are all interchangeable.

    My suggestion: Make this a winter project.  We can use the down time to figure out what it will take to breath new life into it and if the cost is worth it.  If it is, we rebuild it over the winter.  If not, John L. can donate it.  My weekends are pretty tied up through October, but I should have time in November to take a look.  I’m happy to see what can be done if y’all promise to keep DeRosa away from it until I can get out there to have a look.

    Others may have different ideas.

    Best Regards,

    John F. Phelan

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