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A final comment about the 6th. Hot but not horrible was somewhat accurate. The not horrible part might need a bit of clarification. The wind at 2800 agl averaged 16 knots out of the southwest. The Cu’s were only somewhat reliable, with many not providing any lift that I could find. I did find one thermal that was 3 knots but in 3:56 my average climb for the day (on my Oudie) was 80 fpm. And Oudie said I flew a 21 mile triangle at a whopping 12 mph. All that said it was a very good day to work on your survival (to stay aloft) skills. Steve did a very good job in the 1-34. The next few days don’t look too promising. I hope that that will change. Thanks to John Scott for towing, Steve and Nick and his dad for coming out to run an operation. John Lincoln