“Badges! We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!”

You may remember that famous line from the Mel Brookes classic movie, Blazing Saddles, where all types of malcontents were lined up to be deputized and receive their badges.

Lets get back to soaring. What I’m talking about is the SSA Badge Program. This program awards badges for reaching soaring accomplishments. It starts with the A, B, C and Bronze badges being awarded to student pilots who accomplish an understanding and knowledge of each badges requirements. Those requirements can be found on the SSA website under Soaring Achivement. The Badges award sets goals for you to achieve as your training progresses. I know several students at Sky Soaring that have met or exceeded the A and B badges but have yet to inquire about the awards.

The badges can only be awarded by a Certified SSA Instructor.  We have several certified instructors at Sky Soaring that can award the badges and I list them below. Even if you are a licensed pilot, you may be awarded these badges.  When awarded a badge, you will be recognized in the SSA magazine and the award will go on your permanent SSA record.  Something to be proud of.  You can view your SSA record by registering on the ssa.org website and going into your profile where you will see your achievements listed.  So, get your logbook out and see if you meet or exceed any of the badge requirements then contact a Certified Instructor.  He will do the rest.

SSA Certified Instructors at Sky Soaring;
Don Grillo
John Baker
Mike Vaughn

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