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        Hi all,

        As was mentioned at the meeting last weekend, I have my checkride tomorrow (Friday the 24th).  Gary has offered to come out and fly tow for me (thanks!)

        I still need a wing runner, though.  

        If anyone is available to help out, I’d really appreciate it.  If enough people can come out there’s no reason we couldn’t have an operation running before and after as well.

        I’m meeting Ron at 1:00 tomorrow for the oral/practical exams.  So, we are not likely to be flying for the first couple hours. Still, I will be getting there around 12 to pull out stars and stripes, the tow plane etc.

        So come on out, help, fly, enjoy the show, and/or just make Evie (my girlfriend) practice speaking English  :-p


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          Hi Logan.

          I gone be your wing  runner

          see you at 11 am      0,clock


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          Steven SnyderSteven Snyder

            You’ve got this,  Logan. Nail it!

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                Thanks, everyone! I have to pick Evie up at the airport before I head out
                and her flight arrives at 10:30. so I expect to get our there at 12. See
                you then!

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                  Checkride is cancelled today due to weather. We are going to try to
                  reschedule sometime this week if we can find a window when the weather
                  cooperates. It will likely be short notice.

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                  Good morning all!

                  My checkride has been res heduled for Subday the 26th at 10am. I will be
                  arriving around 9 to get the aircraft ready

                  If anyone can fly the tow plane or wing run please respond. Thanks!!

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                    Gary PalumboGary Palumbo

                      I can be out at noon

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                    Mark MallamoMark Mallamo

                      I will be out there before 10am.  Hopefully the rain will end early.

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                        Awesome. Thanks!

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                            Just wanted to say thanks to everybody who helped me out on sunday and this

                            I had to redo the no spoiler approach today, but that was it.

                            I’m now happy to report that I am a newly-minted private pilot!

                            Thanks again, everyone (especially Peter, Gary, Mark Mollamo, and Don). I
                            really appreciate it.

                            See you all out the field!

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                              Art SilvermanArt Silverman

                                Congradulations.  Now I expect to see you at cloud base.Did you take your girlfriend for a ride?Art

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                                Mark ReichMark Reich

                                  Congratulations Logan 🙂

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                                  Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

                                    Congrats! You can now re-write the crib sheet to use for our favorite
                                    D.P.E., since you know the sticky points!

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                                    Greg TomczykGreg Tomczyk

                                      Congratulations Logan…now the sky is the limit! I look forward to seeing you at the field.

                                      greg 🙂

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