Wednesday Recap..

John BakerJohn Baker

Wednesday Recap…
Yesterday we flew the Lark on aerotow on a sunny day with slowly developing

We had (at least) seven flights that included 6 different CFI’S at one end
of the rope or the other including; Don Grillo, Larry Kase, Michael Vaughn,
Steve Snyder, Tim Ponsot and John Baker.

There were instructional flights, CAP Annual Form 5 Check Flights and a bit
of thermaling including getting 600 feet above release height and having a
30 minute flight off a 2,000 ft tow.

The wind direction was right down the runway, and it provided good practice
for tightening up the pattern for a headwind on final that was a bit
stronger then usual…

It made for a nice relaxing way to play hooky from an afternoon of work…

Thank you to those who came out and mowed and helped out around the field.
-Thanks again, John

John Baker