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Why would we need the Lark? Stars and Stripes along with Pumpkin seem to get the most use.  Also, why sell the 1-34?  If it is little used then it appears that after Don’s review the Lark will be used less than the 1-34.  The only way the club should look at the Lark is if we get it at a firesale price of $1,000 or less. Let them out it up for sale and it will probably languish there for a year.  Do we need a limited use glider?  How much revenue is it projected to bring in?  If only a few members would be qualified to fly it then they can buy it with their personal funds.  Why should the “low time students” subsidize the apparent junk pile?  If the low timers will never fly it then they should not have to pay for it.
My recommendation is for the club to get serious, train the students to fly all club gliders, and then decide if we buy more gliders.  The season is short here and most of the flying is done on weekends. Is another “new” glider worth the price to have it sit around and have the potential pilot liability issues when flown (as explained by Don)?

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