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Larry KaseLarry Kase

    I would like to address some of the issues on the Lark purchase.
    Training: The lark is used as a trainer by numerous operators in the US and Europe. Our club has previously operated 2 L13 gliders with exactly the same (complex) configuration.
    With 45 years experience as an instructor, I have trouble understanding the idea that this aircraft is too complicated for students. I consider it more complex than the 2-33, but half as complex as a Cessna 150.
    We may choose to give some presolo training in it but use the 2 2-33s and the 1-26 for student solos.
    Weight: The Lark weighs 110 lbs more than the Krosno. The Krosno rides on the skid during takeoff. The Lark rides on wheels. The takeoff roll might be similar.
    The Lark is only 21 lbs heavier than a Grob 103. If the Lark is too heavy for our club, we will have to get rid of any future plans for a Grob. Let’s find out with an inexpensive option instead of building a hangar for an expensive ship that is too heavy.

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