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Laurentiu NicolaeLaurentiu Nicolae

    Happy New Year !I hope all of you are healthy and safe first of all. I want to share my experience as a student regarding the latest discussion about the winch. I do my best in reading all the messages on the board and try to keep up with you guys :)I have joined this club in a time when there was no tow-plane available and the only ops were  winch ops. My first flight and a few after were all winch. Scary as it was on my first flight,I got used to it faster and I became more comfortable using the winch. My eight flight in my logbook was my first air-tow and to this day I remember getting more nervous because it was so slow compared to the winch….and took forever to get up :)Starting on the winch made me appreciate it as a very useful and efficient tool for practice and sometimes even for soaring. This last year was very challenging to say the least and I do believe that the winch can become a bigger asset if we come together as a club. I believe the club has enough members that can hold ops and can train others.  I like the winch and I believe if we operate it, we can even market it to people to visit and experience it. I know it sounds like a joy ride, but with some collective effort could be an option for creating funds.My main point is the winch can be a bigger asset if we use it more in the new year and with a bit of focus we can achieve that.Thank you and stay safe