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    Happy near year, all!

    I’m new to this, so please take my perspective with a grain of salt:

    I got lucky and caught a couple of the winch days this year and it greatly expedited my progress towards my commercial glider add on. It would have taken me much longer to achieve that in one season otherwise. I don’t think I’m the only one for which the winch was a valuable training tool, and as mentioned, it was barely available this year.

    From reading these contributions to the debate it seems it’s not as much that people don’t want to fly the winch, but that not enough people are qualified to operate it. That might be a place to start? Can we market it externally within the glider community to generate interest, and if so, would we want to?

    I realize we have obligations to think of, but I’d hate to see us lose a relatively unique asset simply due to underperformance that’s not caused by lack of interest, but by organizational limitations.

    I’m grateful to have found the club and appreciate meeting and learning from many of you. CF

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