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Art SilvermanArt Silverman

We intend to have a safer operation this year than any other year.  This needs to be our goal every year. Statistics show that winching is safer than towing.  Had Karl used a winch to lauch his glider, he would have been hundres of feet in the air before his incident.

Our private ship owners have not used the winch.  I hope to this summer.  However, our students have used it extensively two years ago.  Last year was a fluke.  Students who use the winch for pattern tow do many more landings before they solo than a student who only uses a tow plane.  This makes the student a safer pilot.

If we were desperate I’d understand why the board would consider selling the winch or a glider, but our club is not short of cash.  We have plenty coming in from dues and fight fees.  Our debt is approaching an all time low – winch is paid off, the mower and field not will be paid off this year.  The money which went to those items can be re-directed into the engine fund withoug sacraficing safety, nor selling the winch or a glider.

We need to figure out how to better use the winch, not sell it.  I’m willing to be the “Winch Cooridnator” ins 2021.