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Under the car there are generally four lines.  Two fuel lines and two gas lines.  These lines are never available from a dealer, or parts store.  I have installed dozens of them, and we make them from bulk tubing.  This is a simple job when the are is on a lift, but much more difficult if you have to work from a creeper. 

The brake lines and fuel lines use the same material. The parts are cheap, and they don’t take long to replace.  I’ve suggested that we bring the car to a mechanic and have them do the repairs.  I estimate the repair at $200 to $250.

Otherwise this car is working well. 

I hope that this car is brought to a local mechanic for an estimate BEFORE we decide to discard it and buy anther vehicle whose condition is unknown.

PS: I would do it for the club at my shop, but the cost of towing the car to Chicago and back would exceed the price of having the car repaired locally.
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