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Don GrilloDon Grillo

Thank you John for the idea of
renting a tow dolly.

Some internet research indicates we
can get aftermarket parts in the $450 range + shipping. A call
to the Honda dealer parts department told me that Honda has
discontinued the Fuel Feed line and only the return and vent
lines are available, Cost $582 for OEM. That kind of price
indicates we are probably looking at a $1500-$1800 repair from a

Maybe Art would have a source for
the fuel line parts.

One other thought was since that is
a 20 year old car and it will most likely need more repair in
the future, would be to fabricate a mount for the roof rope
attachment apparatus that would fit into a 2″ hitch receiver. 
It could then be mounted on any vehicle with a hitch.  Only
problem is you would be relying on members to show up that had a
hitch on their car/truck to pay out the ropes. Just a thought.


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