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Petr FolwarcznyPetr Folwarczny

Here’s my point: I agree with Don. The engine repair will cost some money and we have to take those money somewhere. An extra $ 400 is not something that would ruin anyone. ($ 33 ​​per month). Yes, if someone can’t afford to pay $ 33 extra a month, he probably can’t afford to be a club member. Our sport is beautiful, but unfortunately also financially demanding. That can’t be skipped. Also we can’t take a pandemic as a hostage and say I can’t contribute in engine repairs. I don’t believe that someone who has their own business or is an employee would be on the verge of bankruptcy because of the extra $400. And young, new students? When I started, I went to work part-time overnight, during the week to earn membership fees. Maybe that’s not a bad idea for US teenagers. Or have parents who pay for them. So maybe I have an idea how to get more, extra money. When I was in Europe, Poland two months ago, we were in Gdansk at a local aero club, where I had a sightseeing flight. It seemed that this aero club was focused mainly on this commercial activity – sightseeing flights for the public. Of course – they still had members who flew for pleasure, students, ran a school. But I had to wait two hours for my flight because there were too many customers in front of me. How about placing an advertisement, for example, on social media networks, among acquaintances saying we provide (also) flights for public visitors. There is a big truck stop near us. Post some posters … (can we, is it legal? I don’t know) we have many members who are commercial pilots flying out of Chicago. Maybe they could promote the club among their coworkers. Bring for example 5 day members for Saturday. And another 5 for Sunday. That’s $ 1,300 for the weekend. Let’s say we have 20 flyable weekends a season. That’s $ 26,000. I know, it’s an only theory and probably none of us want us to be focused mainly on day members. But as a partial solution to the financial situation…?