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Don GrilloDon Grillo

I would like to reply to the posters that are expressing concern about hardship paying an additional $397.85 for the 2021 year. I speak only for myself and not the board.

I understand that we may have a few members that will find it difficult to come up with the shared payment.  I am not trying to be a hard ass however, as I stated in my first message, “If you can’t afford $397.85 over the course of a year, you probably can’t afford to be a member of the club.”  I’m sure the board would look at hardship cases. I don’t think they want to lose any members just like I don’t.

On to a little harsher subject. We may have some members that feel if they go on inactive status they will not have to pay the one-time special assessment.  This is true however, the Constitution and Bylaws addresses this in Article IV Section 7. “An inactive member who is reinstated as a Regular member shall pay a reinstatement fee as determined by the Board of Directors.”

In my opinion, our engine fund needs to be shared by all.  I think it would be pretty lousy for a member to go on inactive status just to get out of paying his fair share. Let’s all chip in and get this done. In the end, every member will benefit from this and we will have a tow plane with an engine that will last for years and years.

Respectfully Submitted,