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John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

The LXNav Nano 4 is a very cool device.  Certified IGC* recorder with a color display about the size of a deck of cards (display = 3.5″).  Audio vario, terrain maps, thermal assistant, audible airspace warnings, etc.  About $700.
Here are some other certified IGC recorders;
Naviter Oudie IGC – About $1100.  Runs SeeYou Mobile.  Largest 5″ display.  Larger battery than the Oudie model 1 or 2 which is the exact same as the official IGC* recorder but just with an unofficial recorder.  The PW-5 has an Oudie 2.  I had an Oudie 2 in my old DG101 and loved the SeeYou Mobile software.
LXNav Nano 3 – About $600.  Identical in function to the Nano 4 with a smaller “matchbook” color 2.4″ display.  I currently use this as a primary flight recorder and a backup navigation device (if the lights go out in the cockpit).
LXNavigation Colibri 2 – About $495.  Very similar in function and size to the LXNav Nano 3.
LXNavigation Colibri X – About $750.  Very similar in function and size to the LXNav Nano 4. 

There are some other certified IGC recorders for sale on the used market from time to time on  Warning – They go FAST!

LXNav Nano earlier models – The original did not have a display. Nano 2 is identical to the Nano 3 but with a slower processor and less bright display. 

LXNavigation Colibri earlier models – The first model did not have a display.  I owned a Colibri II which had a display size like that Nano 1,2,3. 

* Certified IGC file – Is needed for silver/gold/diamond badge flights, national contests and record setting flights.  Non-IGC certified recorders can be used otherwise.  The difference between IGC and non-IGC recorders is the incorporation of a pressure altitude transducer.  There is free recorder/navigation software available that runs on you phone like XCSoar (  The Oudie model 2 is a very nice standalone non-IGC recorder and moving map display with the same functionality as the Oudie IGC.  About $625 –

John H DeRosa(OHM Ω)

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