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Don GrilloDon Grillo

Yes, I’ll be out today and
Wednesday. I’ll  also see if I can get the new member out for a
couple of flights.  Also, with all the rain we had the grass is
growing again, maybe we can get some mowing done as well.  16
flights on Sunday. It was a good practice and training day.

Monday weather:

Patchy to areas of shallow fog at outlying airports early this
    morning will dissipate by 13Z-14Z. It's possible RFD has sharply
    fluctuating visibility before that time if some of the nearby fog
    seen on satellite expands slightly before dissipating.
    A backdoor cold front will push into far northeast Illinois by 14Z,
    turning winds northeast to east along with a quick uptick to
    around 10 kt. A few gusts to 15-16 kt are possible through the
    morning with this. Along this front will be scattered to broken
    stratus/stratocumulus clouds. Confidence has increased some in a
    period of broken MVFR this morning at ORD and MDW so have
    included in their TAFs. Winds this afternoon will remain easterly
    over Chicago with any stratus lifting to cumulus.
    Concentrated smoke from western North America fires is drifting
    high aloft over the area early this morning and likely will much
    of today. This is expected to remain at a high enough altitude to
    not impact any low-level aviation and it may not have impacts to
    aviators aloft either, but just wanted to note that.
    Winds will turn toward due south late tonight and be south-
    southwest increasing in speed fairly quickly Tuesday morning.