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Rich WalendaRich Walenda

Thanks for a decent day.

Today was a low key day at Sky Soaring.  I was able to get in two flights with CFI Mike Vaughn – my sport pilot airplane to glider pilot add on is moving along nicely.  Thanks to Don and Larry for towing.  Two other flights were made by Fred.  The wind was a bit gusty but it was good training on how to deal with that.  On a side note, Fred holds the record of shortest landing today!

I also accidentally found a hornet’s nest in the shelter on the far end of the field.  They were a bit more aggressive than the hornets that I am used to.  After 2 stings I  retreated away from the shelter.  Later, I was provided with a can of wasp spray and went out for revenge.  Most, if not all of the hornets appeared to succumb to their injuries.  Use caution when out there.

Thanks to Don and Tim for wing running and for everyone else who was out at the field working on something.

Some discussion regarding the glider PTS standards and other flight rules were held.  A bit of ground training for the group that braved the heat and wind.  Sometimes some good learning happens in these adhoc sessions.  In summary, not a bad summer day at Sky Soaring.