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Thanks to all that were part of the repair journey. Way to go !

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New topic posted by John DeRosa. Title: Old Hustler Mower Status – OPERATIONAL!
Today the work was finally completed to get the old (2017) Hustler operational again!   Many, many thanks to John Phelan, John Osborn and Don Grillo for all their hard work helping to repair the damage done by an unfortunate fire that burned much of the wiring and some of the tubing.
Fortunately, no one was hurt during the fire which was extinguished before nearby fuel lines were breached.  More thanks are also due to the quick thinking of those that fought this fire and avoided an expensive disaster.  We believe that the root cause of the fire was an leak that pooled oil onto dry grass clippings gathered near the base of the engine and the muffler.
After each mowing operation it is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that our lawn equipment is cleared of all debris by using the air hose available in the garage area.   This will allow any oil leaks to be detected in time to prevent another problem like we experienced.  Equally important is to check fluids levels (fuel, oil and hydraulic fluid) before mowing.  Take special notice of the oil level.  If it seems to “always be low” then something is amiss.  Report it!
Bottom line is that we now have two Hustler zero-turn mowers to keep the field looking its best – not that we have much of anything to mow right now.  A rain dance is in order but only for a medium rainfall between the hours of 9PM and 3AM followed by light winds and fair weather cumulus clouds lining up against a beautiful blue sky.
Thanks again – Stay safe,
John DeRosa (OHM Ω)

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