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Thanks for the question and scenario.

My answer to both of them is fly the glider.  At 100 or 200 feet it is not the time to forget how to fly.  Watch your airspeed so you do not enter a stall and perhaps a spin.  There is not enough room to recover from a spin at those altitudes.  Landing ahead is the only real option at 100 feet.  At 200 feet you can think about a return but landing ahead still may be the best option.  Save yourself, not the glider.  At times the best option could be to land the glider between 2 trees and watch the wings get bent off but you should live to tell the tale.  A head on smack into anything solid is not what you want.  Landing on a road may look good but do not forget that roads usually have power lines crossing them and those are hard to see.  (A short flight into an 18 wheeler coming down the road also does not sound too good.)

Thanks for all who chose to do some discussion with this topic.

I welcome all feedback.