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Don GrilloDon Grillo

    Pilots deal with ADM (Aeronautical Decision Making) and RM (Risk Management) decisions on nearly a constant basis from the time we start the walkaround to the time we exit the cockpit.
    Why do we use checklists? To help mitigate risk.

    The E on our takeoff checklist stands for Emergency.  We train for rope breaks or other failures at 100ft, 200ft and above.  While doing that checklist item what are we asking and what is our E plan?  We need to know wind direction and speed as it may effect our E plan. Which way am I going to turn in the event I have to return to the field? Or, do I risk an off field landing?  (Did you know that wind socks are calibrated?  Most windsocks fully extend at 15kts of wind. A half extended windsock would be about 7kts of wind.)

    In our two scenarios we have a left quartering headwind reporting 220 degrees at 7kts. Departing runway 27 that gives us a 4kt headwind and a 5kt left crosswind.  In picture 1 we are 100ft agl. In picture 2 we are 200ft agl.  (Note the location of the Sky Soaring hangar in both pictures).  Do we have enough runway ahead of us to land straight ahead in the event of a 100ft rope break?  How about a rope break at 200ft?

    Austen told us what he would do.    You are the PIC, what would you do?

    (This is meant to solicit/spark a conversation and maybe do some training as well). Click on reply or visit the website message forum and reply there.