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John LincolnJohn Lincoln

    Well it was a nice day. Started slower than forecast, wasn’t as strong as forecast, didn’t go as high as forecast but it looked very good. Several flights of an hour or more. I heard that one of the 2-33’s was up for like 3 hours. John Scott had a nice flight in the 1-34. I thermaled with him several times. Maybe we should keep it. I heard of reports of pilots getting as high a 5000′. Thanks to John O. for helping me rig and Greg Tomczyk for the derigging help. Also thank you to Don Grillo for towing. There were several flights of the 2-33’s and the Krozno before the private ships took off. Carl lead the private ships as thermal sniffer and did a very good job. That said and against Don’s advice, I still didn’t get of until 2500′. Maybe next time I’ll release at 2000′. John O. was up for an hour and Carl longer than that. I didn’t count how many flights the club had but I would guess there were at least around 20. Way to go to all who helped and flew. Thank You! It’s great to see this club work so well on a week day. John Lincoln