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We had another great soaring day on Thursday, lift to just above 7000ft. A number of private gliders launched along with a few club ships.

Erik S. planned and flew the club PW-5 for his Silver Badge distance and altitude record.  He needed to fly a strait out 50km flight and reach an altitude gain of 3281ft.  He launched at 12:42 and took a 2000ft tow. He climbed to almost 7000ft before heading out to Beloit WI which meets the 50km distance. He reached the town of Beloit at 14:27 and 5800ft before heading back to Sky Soaring. The weather was starting to overdevelop around Poplar Grove and Erik decided to land out at the Poplar Grove airport.  The towplane was dispatched to retrieve Erik and aerotow him back to Sky Soaring.  No matter, he reached both goals of a 50km distance and an altitude gain of 3281ft.  Final determination of his flight will be made by the SSA.  But it looks goods to me.  Congratulations Erik!!!